Projects I'm Currently Working on


The Anarchyplanet is project ran by Notnull one of the people tied to running the whole anarchist news universe if you're already familiar with it . One of the projects main goals is to create a digital space for anarchists to do what they do best. There's an IRC, etherpad, radio network, mud server, mumble server, documentation and alot more that anyone could get alot of usage out of. My minimal programming talents prevent me from being as useful as I want. I "contribute" mostly by making use of the infrastructure for some of the things I do. I also made a mockup homepage that I feel serves as a good primer to the whole thing. If you wanna get involved, I highly recommend the Anarchyplanet IRC. There's tons of dope people that cross through the server and its been one of my favorite online experiences to date. Check it out!

Submerged Cities Distro

This is a project I started to share the stuff that crosses through my head to cyberspace. I make audiozines and post 'em online! The process is extremely slow, so even to this day I'm chopping up the audio of the first one. I've got some interviews planned, some stuff I've written that I share with you and more. Expect to see a page on here soon about it!