Post-civ anarchy born on the net

In the global and grueling desert, anarchyplanet is patch of green that draws travellers from all across the sands. We provide a set of services that help anarchists find and work with each other. In addition to that, we maintain a space where some of us experiment with new forms of social organization and action.

What our world looks like

At first blush, the anarchyplanet may seem like a single server. But in reality it is a collection of anarchists and various lines of code that make up a rich rhizome of anti-authoritarianism. With the forces of civilization and ecological collapse atomizing by the million, we strive to be a facilliator of action and human connection in an otherwise alienating world. One of the major goals of the project is to bridge the gap between an anarchy that lives on the web and one thats present in real life. The idea is to leverage the internet into creating a current of anarchy that's filled with vigor, despite the challenges that are presented to us.

Our services

The anarchy planet is vast and easy to get lost in, but we've mapped enough of it to know where the major hits are:


If you want to know more, you can meet with the locals on the IRC or simply email the webmaster notnull at notnull(at)anarchyplanet(dot)org

Dont forget where we always are

*pssst* I'm the page author you can find a collection of my writings here.